AHRA Profile

Who we are ?

AHRA. Alexandria Human Resources Association is a non-profit organization established to meet the needs of workers in this profession and the various stakeholders associated with. AHRA Slogan is “Networking for Practice, Progress and Prosperity”. AHRA set itself clear objectives to ensure its success, including:

  • Provide consciousness of the real role of HR profession and how to maximize benefits to spread the social awareness of the profession and its vital importance.
  • Reunion of all HR professionals and personnel affairs for exchanging experience and opinions about mutually important topics and to formulate specialized HR pool.
  • Organize regular meetings and invite specialists and HR experts to train members on the advancement and progress of HR strategies.
  • Coordination between the companies and entities dealing with HR managers (training providers, companies that provide services to employees of companies such as health-care companies, insurance, and Mobile, hotels, etc.
  • Prepare periodical reports on the labor market and hot HR topics that is most important to HR professional such as: wages and salaries evolution, induced laws, strikes and turmoil..etc.